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US elections: Barack Obama took the floor. An eloquent comment. “Believe me”

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The echoes of Thursday are still present performance Joe Bidenand during the presidential debate with Donald Trump. When facing his rival, the president often seemed lost, stuttered, spoke quietly and incomprehensibly, and sometimes did not finish his sentences.

Biden's defeat was also noticed in the Democratic camp. They reacted, among others: former presidents: Barack Obama Whether Bill Clinton.

US Elections: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Take the Floor

“Bad night debates happen, believe me, I know that” – Obama wrote on platform X.

However, the former president noted that “this (upcoming) election is still a choice between someone who has fought all his life for ordinary people and someone who only cares about himself.”

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“Between someone who tells the truth, who can tell right from wrong and will give it honestly to the American people – and someone who lies for his own gain,” Obama said.

As he emphasized, “last evening did not change that and that is why in November the stakes are so high“.

Bill Clinton also spokewho wrote that he left the evaluation of the debate to the experts”, but – as he added – “facts and history count”.

“Joe Biden has given us three years of solid leadership, keeping us going after the pandemic, creating a record number of new jobs, making real progress on the climate crisis and making effective efforts to reduce inflation,” the former president said.

As Biden stated “at the same time, he pulled us (the US) out of the mess in which Donald Trump left us”“That's what November will really be about,” Clinton concluded.

US elections. The American daily called on Joe Biden to resign

To give up the battle for the White House called Biden on Friday evening, the editorial committee of the liberal daily “New York Times”.

In the editorial entitled “For the good of the country, President Biden should withdraw from the race.”it was stated that the president ” in Thursday's debate with Republican rival Donald Trump “he was a shadow of the leader.”

Biden assured at a campaign rally on Friday that rejects the possibility of withdrawing from the race and intends to win the battle for the White House. He stated that although he is not as good at debates as he used to be, he is able to cope with the responsibilities of the presidency.

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