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US Elections: Donald Trump Wants Joe Biden to Remain in the Presidency Race

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Donald Trump has long been trying to convince Americans that Joe Biden is physically and mentally unfit to serve as president of the United States. Now, after Biden's very poor performance in the debate, when some Democrats began to share these concerns, the Republican candidate has somewhat limited his attacks. Because Trump, although he is doing everything to politically destroy his rival, does not want Biden to give up the race for the White House – writes the New York Times.

Terrible performance Joe Biden in the first presidential debate with Donald Trump before November elections has raised serious concerns within the Democratic Party. There have even been calls for the president to drop out of the race for the good of the party and the country.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who has spent months trying to convince Americans that Biden is unfit to lead the United States, has unexpectedly shut up, notes the New York Times. It is in the Republican's interest that his current rival stays in the race.

Trump, who rarely holds back from sharing his opinions, hasn't gone completely silent since last week's debate, giving a handful of radio interviews in the meantime and steadily posting and videos on his social media platform, Truth Social. But Trump has largely taken a comfortable backseat and allowed the Democratic Party to dominate the debate over Biden's political future.

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As the daily reports, citing two anonymous Trump advisers, the former president welcomes media reports about growing doubts among the Democrats about Biden's continued candidacy.

Trump's relative lack of public comment on the issue recently reflects to some extent his desire to keep Biden in the race and his belief that he will easily defeat the incumbent president in the November election, the source said.

Trump said in an interview Monday that he doubted Biden would be replaced by another candidate. “If you listen to the professionals, they say it’s going to be very difficult for anyone else to get into the race,” the Republican said.

Trump in vulgar words about Biden and Harris

Trump’s attitude toward Biden is evidenced by a recording published by The Daily Beast. On it, Trump can be heard making vulgar comments about Biden and current Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the video, recorded on a golf course, Trump talks to men behind the camera. Sitting in a golf cart, he refers to last week's presidential debate with Biden. “I kicked that old, broken piece of s***,” he said of his rival. “He's dropped out. He's dropping out of the race,” he added.

Donald Trump made vulgar comments about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the recordingDonald J. Trump/Truth Social

– That means we have Kamala – he adds, claiming that Kamala Harriscurrent vice president USA would be the Democratic candidate in the election. – I think she'll be better – he says ironically. – She's so pathetic, so f***ing weak – Trump adds. And he returns to Joe Biden: – Can you imagine this guy dealing with Putin or the president Chinwho is a fierce person? He's a fierce guy, a very tough guy.

The circumstances of the video, which Trump later posted on his Truth Social profile, are unclear. The Daily Beast reported only that it received it from a source.

The Trump campaign did not directly address the tape, referring only to an earlier statement in which it accused Democrats of covering up Biden's health.

Biden's campaign responded to the publication. “No, Donald. What is weak is taking away women's rights, what is weak is losing an election and encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol,” it said in a statement, adding a series of other accusations against Trump.

A new candidate is a risk

If Biden were to drop out of the race, Trump would lose two key talking points that he used as a campaign weapon, The New York Times reported. For years, he has attacked Biden by calling him “Sleepy Joe,” posting videos of him stumbling, mocking his speeches and imitating him — a strategy he would have a hard time using against another Democratic candidate.

A new opponent would mean new challenges. Someone younger could appeal to voters concerned about the age of both candidates and looking for “fresh alternatives” to the two older men, each of whom has had a stint in the White House.

“I don't think anyone in the Trump campaign has ever said they want Biden removed from the race,” said Corey Lewandowski, a longtime Trump adviser.

Biden is being criticized even in his own party, but he himself assures: I am staying until the end

Reports of Biden potentially withdrawing from the race come after a weak debate performance. He is facing increasingly open concerns about his chances from within his own party. On Wednesday, a second Democratic congressman, Raul Grijalva of key Arizona, called for him to withdraw from the race. Earlier, Texas congressman Lloyd Duggett made a similar call, and two others, Jared Golden of Maine and Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez, said Biden would lose the election. Former House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi She said it was legitimate to ask whether Biden's debate performance was just an “episode,” and called on both Biden and Trump to get tested.

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Despite these calls, the president was reported to have made it clear on Wednesday during a conference call with his campaign that he intends to continue running. “Nobody is pushing me out. I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end, and we will win it,” he said, as quoted by NBC News. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre was equally clear about Biden's intentions, claiming that Biden had told her that he “absolutely” had no intention of dropping out of the race.

Biden on Wednesday won the endorsement of a group of 24 Democratic governors and the mayor of Washington, D.C., who met with him and Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House.


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