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US elections. Nikki Haley announces that she will not run for vice president

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I don’t want to be anyone’s vice president. This is not up for debate, said Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina, who is running for the Republican Party’s nomination for the US presidential election. She explained that she was not interested in running for US vice president if Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.

Competing with Donald Trump For the Republican nomination, Nikki Haley has long assured that she will not “play secondary roles.” She confirmed this on Saturday during a campaign rally in New Hampshire, when she firmly ruled out running for vice president in November.

– I don’t want to be anyone’s vice president. This is not negotiable. I’ve always said that. “It’s a game that other people are playing and I’m not going to play it,” Haley said.

Trump’s mistake. “I haven’t even been to Washington”

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The former South Carolina governor also questioned Donald Trump’s mental capacity to govern. She referred in this way to the statement of 77-year-old Trump, who apparently confused her with another politician.


Reuters recalls that during his speech to voters in New Hampshire on Friday, Trump mentioned the name Nikki Haley several times, touching on the topic of his supporters storming the Capitol. USA January 6, 2021

– Nikki Haley was in charge of security. We offered her 10,000 people, soldiers, National Guard, whoever they want. They rejected this proposal, he said, probably referring to the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the House of Representatives. He has already accused her several times of rejecting such an offer, but there is no evidence for this, according to the report of the parliamentary investigative committee.

“I wasn’t even in Washington on January 6,” Haley said Saturday.

She added, “I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I’m concerned that when we have to face the pressure of the presidency, it can’t be someone whose mental capacity we have doubts about.”

“Do we really have to have two octogenarians running for president?”

Reuters reminds that Haley had previously raised this issue in an interview with Fox News: – Do we really have to have two octogenarians running for president? Do we really want to see them name-dropping and making mistakes at the age of 80 when dealing with Putin, Xi and Kim? – Haley said, referring to the leaders RussiaChina and North Korea.

The second Republican primary election will be held in New Hampshire on January 23. The first, on January 15 in Iowa, was clearly won by Trump over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Haley.

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