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US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in an interview with TVN24 about Joe Biden’s visit to Poland and Russian aggression in Ukraine

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United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is in Podkarpacie. – I must admit that I am very impressed by the heroism, greatness of heart and depth of convictions of Poles who show support to Ukrainians – he said in an interview with Michał Sznajder. Mayorkas also spoke about the arrival of Joe Biden to Poland and the unity of the West against Russian aggression.

On Thursday, Alejandro Mayorkas visited, among others, the border crossing in Korczowa, where he met with Polish border guards. Then, in Rzeszów, he spoke at the conference, among other things, about the upcoming visit of the president Joe Biden in our country. He announced that Biden will communicate “readiness, determination, unity with Poland, Ukraine, with all our allies, in the name of Ukraine’s fight and the victory of this country

Mayorkas: President Biden will communicate unity with Poland, Ukraine and alliesTVN24

Mayorkas: the unity of our allies is very important

The journalist of TVN24 BiS, Michał Sznajder, spoke with the US Secretary of Homeland Security that day. Asked about the message of his visit to Poland, Mayorkas admitted that he had to admit that he was “impressed by the heroism, greatness of heart and depth of convictions of Poles who show support to Ukrainians”.

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Speaking about the arrival of Joe Biden, he assessed that “this is an extremely important visit for the president.” – We are approaching a year since the Russian aggression against Ukraineagainst freedom, against sovereignty. The president will speak very strongly about that United States are ready to lead to the liberation of Ukraine, he stressed.

– What is not so moving, but very important, is the unity of all our allies: Poland, the United States, so many other countries, uniting around this cause, without hesitation, without ceasing, fighting for the freedom of Ukraine, and therefore fighting also about the values ​​that are the basis of our alliance and all of us as a community – he continued.

Note that Vladimir Putin seemed to hope for the lack of the aforementioned unity of the West, Mayorkas replied that “Putin was very wrong in this, he underestimated our unity, the unity of not only actions, but also the unity of values ​​and the determination of an alliance that wants good to triumph over evil” .

Michał Sznajder’s conversation with Alejandro MayorkasTVN24

Asked about a slight shift in power in Congress after the midterm elections in the US (where the Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives), and whether these moves could change the perspective when it comes to Ukraine, Mayorkas denied. “No, our commitment is permanent,” he said.

In the conversation, Mayorkas also talked about the American government’s social assistance for Ukrainians. – We are very proud of our efforts, they are exactly in the spirit in which Poles discovered their hearts and opened their homes to Ukrainians – he admitted.

– We created the Uniting for Ukraine program, under which we accepted more than one hundred thousand people, just through this program. We took in over 150,000 more Ukrainians, that’s a total of 250,000 people to whom we provided assistance. We are on the other side of the ocean, a long way from here, but we are ready to provide this support just as we are ready to lead Ukraine to victory as soon as possible – he said.

Michał Sznajder's entire conversation with US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Michał Sznajder’s entire conversation with US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro MayorkasTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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