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US investments in Poland. Mark Brzezinski, the US ambassador, comments in an interview with TVN24 BiS

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We want Poland to be not only safe. We want it to be a Poland of prosperity. This is a win-win situation, said US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski in an interview with TVN24 BiS. He added that the climate for American investments in Poland is now “super positive”.

– The climate for American investments in Poland is super positive right now. Take, for example, Intel’s announcement two weeks ago. An investment worth four billion dollars in semiconductors in Wrocław – said the ambassador USA.

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Brzezinski on American investments in Poland

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Brzezinski also mentioned investments by companies such as Visa Whether PepsiCo. – Investments after investments come to Poland. Why? Because Polish employees are very hardworking and very loyal. American companies see something special in Poland, also in the context of the 2000s crisis Ukraine he said.

He pointed out that it was about “the mobilization of Poles in response to what had happened”, as well as “the ability to improvise”.

The US ambassador to Poland also addressed the issue of possible concerns of companies related to the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine. – No, no worries. Poland is safe. President Joe Biden he has said many times that we will defend every square inch of territory FOR THISalso Polish. Thousands of American soldiers are in Poland, shoulder to shoulder with Polish soldiers, emphasized Brzezinski.

“It’s a win-win situation”

In his opinion, “there is no doubt that investors coming to Poland are safe”, but they are also “attracted to Poland”.

– Why did the head of the American space program come to Poland at the beginning of the month? Because there is something incredibly innovative when it comes to the Polish technological and scientific sector. This is really something worth getting involved in. We hear more and more about it in America,” said the US ambassador.

He added: – There is a common goal here. We want Poland to be not only safe. We want Poland to be a prosperous Poland, to flourish, because it helps Poles, but it also helps American investors. It’s a win-win situation.

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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