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US investments in Poland. Report of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham) and the Warsaw School of Economics – speech by Ambassador Marek Brzezinski

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In 2023, Polish-American friendship is as strong as ever, he said during the conference devoted to the report on investments by American companies in Poland. US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski. He added that Poland is an important and dynamic partner, especially in business and trade. The report was prepared by the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham) and the Warsaw School of Economics.

Mark Brzezinski, ambassador USA in Poland began his speech at the Warsaw School of Economics with the statement that “Poland is an important and dynamic partner”.

– It is a partner for the United States in many ways, but especially in business and trade. Polish workers are very hardworking. They work hard and are loyal. These two characteristics are sought after by American companies all over the world, he explained.

Polish-American friendship: stronger than ever

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He emphasized that “in 2023, Polish-American friendship is as strong as ever.” – Economic cooperation also strengthens ties between our countries. The best way to face global challenges is to face them together, he noted.

He added that as the American ambassador, he focused on several key issues. “Defence and security, secondly, humanitarian aid, thirdly, business involvement, fourthly, energy security, fifthly, democracy and values,” he said.

– I want to emphasize the positive impact of relations between our countries on economic cooperation. The most effective cooperation comes from sharing common democratic goals and values, the US ambassador assessed.

According to him, American companies that operate in Poland play a special role. – The more people actively invest and develop business, the greater the benefits for the country. The same is happening in the United States. I am proud of our continuous efforts to cooperate with Poland. I wish Poland what we have managed to achieve in the United States: inclusiveness, equal participation of all in public life, he noted.

“It’s a win-win situation”

In turn, during an interview on TVN24 BiS, Mark Brzeziński emphasized that “we want Poland to be not only safe.” – We want it to be a Poland of prosperity. This is a win-win situation – he said and added that the climate for American investments in Poland is now “super positive”.

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In his opinion, “there is no doubt that investors coming to Poland are safe”, but they are also “attracted to Poland”

– Why did the head of the American space program come to Poland at the beginning of the month? Because there is something incredibly innovative when it comes to the Polish technological and scientific sector. This is really something worth getting involved in. We hear more and more about it in America,” said the US ambassador.

He added: – There is a common goal here. We want Poland to be not only safe. We want Poland to be a prosperous Poland, to flourish, because it helps Poles, but it also helps American investors. It’s a win-win situation.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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