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US, Maryland. A 9-year-old girl found a megalodon tooth. It is 15 million years old

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A nine-year-old girl off the coast of Maryland found a tooth belonging to a megalodon, a species of shark that lived millions of years ago. This is one of several hundred similar specimens that the young American can boast of. The size of the fossil surprised experts.

Nine-year-old Molly Sampson and her 17-year-old sister Natalie are passionate about fossil hunting. The younger of the sisters wants to become a paleontologist in the future. Both of them wished waders for Christmas last year to be able to pursue their hobby like professionals.

When they got their dream gift, they didn’t wait long to test it. On the morning of December 25, Christmas Day, she and her father went to Calvert Cliffs Park off the coast of Maryland in search of ancient animal remains. Then the younger of the sisters made a rare discovery that surprised even specialists.

A 9-year-old girl found a megalodon tooth

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She managed to find a petrified tooth that was bigger than her hand. As always, the family took the find to the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons. Paleontologist Stephen Godfrey, who has been evaluating the specimens the girl finds for years, said he was impressed by her latest discovery. He confirmed this week that the tooth belonged to a megalodon, a prehistoric shark. He estimated that it was probably about 15 million years old, and its owner was 13-15 meters long.

A nine-year-old found a megalodon toothENEX / Facebook / Alicia Sampson

Melagodon (Otodus megalodon or Carcharocles megalodon) is an extinct species of cartilaginous fish that lived between 23 and three million years ago. It is the largest known predatory fish that has been found in all the seas of the world except those surrounding Antarctica. According to scientists, these sharks were up to 16 m long, their head alone measured 4.65 m, dorsal fin – 1.62 m, and tail – 3.85 m. They could weigh up to 60 tons.

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“That big are really rare”

“Megalodon teeth are found quite regularly along the Calvert Cliffs, but such large ones are really rare,” Godfrey told The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Molly’s mother Alicia said it was the sixth megalodon tooth found by her daughter, and it was “by far the biggest”. She added that she can boast of a collection of 400 similar specimens.

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Main photo source: ENEX/Facebook/Alicia Sampson

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