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US military: Russian military aircraft “behaved in a dangerous way”

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Russian fighter jets have harassed U.S. drones operating in Syrian airspace for the third day in a row, the U.S. military said.

The US military said in a statement Friday’s “meeting” lasted about two hours and three MQ-9 drones they were “haunted again” by Russian fighters.

“Russian planes made 18 unprofessional close passes,” said General Alex Grynkevich, head of the Central Command of the Air Force USA.

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Photo from July 6

Russian SU-34 and SU-35 near the American MQ-9 dronePhoto from July 6United States Air Force Central

According to representatives of the Russian military, there were “systematic violations of procedures” by drones of the Washington-led coalition engaged in Syria.

Russian planes “behaved in a dangerous way”

The US military said the first “harassment” this week occurred Wednesday morning when Russian military aircraft “behaved in a dangerous and unprofessional manner” during a US mission targeting the so-called Islamic State.

A US military operation on Friday killed a man believed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to be a member of the Islamic State, the AP reported.

Conflict in Syria PAP

Russia became involved in military operations in Syria in 2015, supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad during the civil war that has been ongoing in that country since 2011. The Russians are currently fighting against the rebels holding control of northwestern Syria.

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Main photo source: United States Air Force Central

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