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US, Nashville. Footage of police action at The Covenant School

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Nashville Police have released footage from cameras attached to the uniforms of police officers who were involved in the aftermath of the shooting at The Covenant School. According to the mayor of the city, their efficient actions prevented further tragic events. The video contains scenes of violence and is not suitable for minors and vulnerable people.

IN attack by a 28-year-old woman on The Covenant School in Nashville in the United States, three children and three adults were killed. Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Nashville Police Department, said officers who arrived on the scene heard gunshots coming from the second floor of the school building.

Audrey Hale, 28, was armed with two assault rifles and a handgun. According to police, she once attended The Covenant School. The woman had planned the attack carefully. The motives for her crimes are not yet known. She died during the intervention of the officers. Aaron reported that she was shot by the police.

Nashville school attack. The police release the video

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Broken windows after the attack at The Covenant School in Nashville PAP/EPA/METRO NASHVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT HANDOUT

Police released footage of the action in Nashville

The Nashville Metropolitan Police released a video on Tuesday of officers called to the scene. A little more than three minutes of footage shows police officers armed with rifles entering the building and searching the corridors and rooms one by one and carefully before entering the second floor, where other officers are already present.

Footage from police camera footageMetropolitan Nashville Police Department

There, when the woman suspected of the attack appeared in the field of view, a series of shots is heard. “Don’t move!”, “Take your hands off the gun!” The policemen shouted several times after they shot at the attacker. The second video released shows police officers approaching Hale from the other side.

The recordings come from cameras on the uniforms of officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, who, according to police, shot the attacker.

Rex Engelbert and Michael CollazoMetropolitan Nashville Police Department

The police received signals of the attack at 10.13 am local time. The 28-year-old suspected of the attack was shot dead at 10.27. Reuters reported that investigators were examining a “manifesto” written by a woman. This is to help determine the motives of her actions.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper told CNN that the police’s quick response prevented further tragic events. “Without this reaction, it could have been worse,” he said.

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Police at the scene of the attack on a school in Nashville PAP/EPA/HAMILTON MATTHEW MASTERS

Main photo source: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

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