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US President Joe Biden in Poland. Americanist Marcin Fatalski comments

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Russian aggression made us one of the key countries for the United States from the point of view of their policy, hence another visit of the US president, relatively quick compared to the previous one – said Dr. Marcin Fatalski, an Americanist from the Jagiellonian University, on TVN24. As he added, Joe Biden “is aware that the Poles helped the Ukrainians immensely in this conflict.” – He wants to make a gesture, say that he notices the fact that Poles gave a lot of themselves – he assessed.

President of the USA Joe Biden will be in Poland on February 20-22. As reported US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinskiin Arkady Kubicki, the president will give a speech during which he is to refer to war in Ukraine.

According to the Americanist Marcin Fatalski, the circumstances of Joe Biden’s visit to Poland are special. – The president is coming in the conditions of a conflict, a war that is taking place beyond our eastern border – he noted. At this point, he drew attention to the “special role of Poland”. – After all, the asymmetry is colossal between the United States, which is a superpower, and Poland, which is a significant country, but does not even belong to the circle of European powers. Russian aggression has made us one of the key countries for the United States from the point of view of their policy, hence another visit of the US president, quite quick compared to the previous one – explained Fatalski.

As he said, from the American perspective, when visiting the Vistula River, “President Biden reminds us of what is happening” in Eastern Europe. – From the point of view of the USA and the problems that Americans live with, this (the visit of the US president to Poland – ed.) is not a matter of primary importance. However, from the point of view of the geopolitical situation, it is. Poland is a leading country from the perspective of the region. It is impossible to pursue a policy towards the conflict that is taking place in the east without taking into account Poland as a hinterland, as a state that has become, in a sense, a front-line state. That is why Americans devote a lot of attention to caring for these relations with Poland – explained the Americanist.

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What will President Biden talk about?

When asked what he expected from the US leader’s speech, Fatalski expressed his belief that these words would be “significant and strong”. – This is also the purpose of such visits, to show people for whom this conflict is in the neighborhood, Poles, residents of Central and Eastern Europe, Europeans in general, that United States are involved in this conflict – said the Americanist.

In his opinion, “Under Biden’s presidency, the US has returned to the role it played during the Cold War.” – This is again a state that shapes the policy of the West and such speeches serve this purpose, among other things. These are speeches intended to lift spirits and show American determination. I don’t think he will say anything about groundbreaking issues related to the change in American strategy, Fatalski said.

As he added, when President John F. Kennedy famously uttered the words “I am a Berliner”, Germany they were then a frontline state in the conditions of the Cold War. – Poland plays a somewhat similar role today – he noted.

As he emphasized, the US president “is aware that the Poles greatly helped the Ukrainians in this conflict.” – Biden wants to make a gesture, say that he notices the fact that Poles gave a lot, maybe even more than anyone expected. It is a politically very powerful gesture.

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Meeting with the Bucharest Nine and possible talks with Zelensky

Fatalski also referred to unconfirmed speculations about a possible meeting between President Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky in Warsaw.

– This would only confirm the fact that Poland is a point of support for American policy towards Ukraine. If such a meeting were to take place, it would have to take place here. It would also be very natural, he said. In his opinion, under these conditions, Zelensky’s meeting with Biden would not be unusual.

Speaking about Biden’s planned meeting with the Bucharest Nine, the Americanist assessed that his goal was “consolidation”. – This is a group that has no illusions about the reality in Central and Eastern Europe, about Russian policy, so this is not about convincing anyone. It’s more about the president conveying the main assumptions of his policy, confirming that the US is present here – said Fatalski.

Main photo source: Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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