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US President Joe Biden in Poland. He will give a speech in Arkady Kubicki

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After arriving in Poland, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, will give a speech at Arkady Kubicki. The employees of the facility were asked about the fascinating history of part of the Royal Castle in Warsaw by TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski.

US President Joe Biden will arrive in Poland next week. The visit will last until Wednesday, February 22. On Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., he will give a speech in Arkady Kubicki, in the gardens of the Royal Castle.

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arcade timeline

The arcades on the escarpment at the eastern side of the Royal Castle were erected in the years 1818-1827 based on the design of the classicist architect Jakub Kubicki. The building was an integral part of the royal residence. The arcades connected the castle gardens: the upper one – located on the escarpment and the lower one – which was adjacent to the Vistula riverbed.

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Although the Royal Castle was destroyed during the Second World War, the Kubicki Arcades themselves escaped destruction. After 1945, there were warehouses of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Polish Army. However, since 1971, i.e. since the beginning of the reconstruction of the Royal Castle, technical facilities have been located there.

In the years 1995-2009, the Kubicki Arcades underwent a comprehensive renovation, designed by Stanisław Fiszer.

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Once the Vistula

However, before they were built, the Vistula had its course in that place, as Tomasz Drapała, curator of the education department of the Royal Castle, talks about in an interview with TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski.

– If we went back to Canaletto’s times, we would be knee-deep in water here. Until the end of the 18th century, the Vistula flowed here to the castle escarpment. Only at the very end of the 18th century, the last king of Poland, Stanisław August, took action to move the Vistula River away, tearing up its areas in order to create a lower garden here, dreamed by the king – says Drapała.

– It is also an unusual structure because it was a very thoughtful and ingenious solution aimed at connecting the upper garden, which has a very long history, with the newly created lower garden – adds the curator.

Joe Biden will speak at Arkady KubickiTVN24

The creator Jakub Kubicki started as a young architect at the king’s court, but he designed the arcades after his death. Originally, as Drapała points out, it was an above-ground tunnel “covering” Boczna Street, which was important for Varsovians at that time.

– It was in this place that carriages and carriages passed, people could walk freely. The arcades were enclosed by a fence, so this space was separated from the recreational garden. In addition, a monumental staircase was built in the central part of the arcades, which seamlessly connected these two spaces, i.e. the upper and lower gardens, says an employee of the Royal Castle.

A beautiful but short story. Due to the fall of the November Uprising, in 1831 the outlets were walled up, and stables for Russian soldiers were created in the arcades. After regaining independence in the 20th century, they also served as garages for the president’s cars, and after the war as warehouses for the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Polish Army. Later, they became a warehouse related to the reconstruction of the castle.

President Biden scene

Since the Kubicki Arcades were created to connect the gardens, it is impossible not to devote a few paragraphs to them. The more so that in the 21st century they were meticulously rebuilt. The upper one opened in 2015, the lower one in 2019.

– What we have at the moment is kind of an eclectic form. The upper garden was largely recreated on the basis of available iconography and it can be said that it is a recreation of specific historical elements. The lower garden is based on a modernist, pre-war concept and its trace is both the central indenter, i.e. the slightly abandoned lawn that will be the scene of President Biden, but also the hornbeam bosquets that we have on the other side of the indenter and on the mirror side – says Agnieszka Żukowska, gardener of the Royal Castle.

– I think that this place was not chosen by chance. Probably mainly because of the symbol, that the castle together with the gardens is proof of determination, strength, that even from a complete ruin you can rebuild something that is important – concluded Żukowska.

Joe Biden will speak at Arkady KubickiTVN24

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