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US Presidential Advisor: Iran Will Support Russia. He will provide drones, he will train soldiers

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The United States has information that shows that Iran will support Russia in its hostilities in Ukraine by providing it with a significant number of drones, said national security adviser to the US president Jake Sullivan. As he added, it is also about armed drones.

– Our intelligence indicates that the Iranian government is preparing to deliver Russia even several hundred drones, including unmanned combat aircraft, in a very short time – said the president’s adviser on Monday USA for national security Jake Sullivan during a press briefing in Washington.

As he underlined, the information “also indicates that Iran is preparing to train Russian soldiers in the use of these drones, and the first training sessions were to begin in early July.”

National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Jake SullivanSHAWN THEW / PAP / EPA

Sullivan: Russia has largely missed its goals

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The AFP notes that Iranian drones have already been used by Yemeni Houthi rebels in attacks on targets in Saudi Arabia. The French agency also emphasizes that drones play an important role during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including reconnaissance operations as well as missile attacks and bombing.

According to the president’s adviser Joe Biden Russia has largely failed to achieve its goals in Ukraine, including the capture of the country’s capital Kiev and the liquidation of the Ukrainian state.

Jake Sullivan stressed that the basic goal of the US strategy is “to provide Ukrainians with the strongest possible position on the battlefield, so that they have a strong position in negotiations (with Russia) when diplomacy arrives.”

Main photo source: SHAWN THEW / PAP / EPA

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