US Presidential Election 2024. Joe Biden: I'm Staying in the Race


“I am the president of the United States, I am the candidate of the Democratic Party and I remain in the race” for the White House – a post with such content appeared on Joe Biden's social media on Friday. The American leader appeared in Wisconsin that day and participated in a rally. In the morning, he also gave an interview to ABC News. The station is to publish it on Friday evening, i.e. at night Polish time.

As Reuters writes, Joe Biden appeared in one of the most important results elections In USA state – Wisconsin – and criticized Donald Trump. He said he had a “little debate” with him last week. “I can't say it was my best speech, but there's been a lot of speculation since then. 'What's Joe going to do? Will he stay in the race? Will he drop out?' Well, here's my answer: I'm running and I'm going to win again,” he said. the president of the United States of America.

As he emphasized, he will not allow “one 90-minute debate to undo three and a half years of work.” “I am staying in the race and I will beat Donald Trump,” he declared.

Reuters notes that his speech was “live” and that Trump appeared as a subject of mockery in it.

ABC News conducted an interview with Biden on Friday morning. As the agency writes, it will be closely watched by everyone in the US. It will be broadcast on Friday evening (there is a six-hour time difference between the US East Coast and Poland). As announced in the week, the interview will not contain cuts.

Concurrent with his attendance at Friday's rally, Biden posted a message on social media saying: “I am the president of the United States, I am the nominee of the Democratic Party, and I am staying in the race.”

Biden met with state governors from his own party at the White House on Wednesday. The politicians, some of whom are potential successors to Biden, pledged their continued support for the president after the meeting. But many Democratic lawmakers have privately expressed growing impatience with Biden’s lack of more decisive action to erase the aftermath of the debate, according to The Washington Post.

Although the president appeared at a rally in North Carolina immediately afterwards, delivering a much more energetic speech, his public appearances in the following days were brief and he did not answer journalists' questions.

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