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US presidential election 2024. Primary elections in Michigan. Joe Biden and Donald Trump won

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President Joe Biden decisively won the Democratic primary in Michigan. However, a significant number of voters did not choose any candidate due to the campaign of the Muslim community. Donald Trump won another confident victory in the Republican primaries.

The Associated Press announced the winners of the primary races just after the polls closed and the first votes were cast. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump were clear favorites in the primaries of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in Michigan. The state is known primarily for the automotive industry.

Over 13 percent did not choose any candidate

According to CNN, after more than half of the votes have been counted, President Biden’s result hovers around 80 percent, while his rivals, Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips and the author of esoteric self-help books Marianne Williamson, gained about 3 percent. support.

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Over 13 percent However, voters did not choose any candidate. This is the result of a campaign by activists from the Muslim and Arab communities – Michigan is the largest in USA a cluster of these diasporas – who encouraged people to check the “unaligned” box on their ballot to protest Biden’s approach to the war in Gaza.

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“Our movement turned out to be the winner of the primaries today and the effect of this action far exceeded our expectations. Tens of thousands of Democrats from Michigan (…) showed that they are not committed to re-election due to the war in Gaza,” Layla, the leader of the Listen to Michigan campaign, wrote in a statement Elabed.

Michigan is one of the key states that determine the results elections and commentators indicate that the turn of Muslim voters away from Biden may have a great significance in a state where in 2020 Biden won over Trump by a margin of 150,000. votes.

Biden: Exercising your right to vote is what makes America great

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Biden thanked “every Michigander who spoke out today.” “Exercising your right to vote and participating in our democracy is what makes America great,” he said.

The statement made no mention of the Gaza Strip or “disengaged” voices.


“Donald Trump threatens to drag us even further back in time with his quest for revenge and retaliation,” Biden added.

Another decisive victory for Trump

Donald Trump won the Republican race once again, defeating the former ambassador to… UN Nikki Haley. This is the former president’s fifth victory in a row, which brings him closer to an almost certain party nomination in the November presidential elections.


Despite the defeat, Haley – the candidate of the moderate wing of the Republican Party, presenting herself as an alternative to Trump, accuses her competitor of old age and causing chaos. She announced she would stay in the race at least until “Super Tuesday” on March 5, when primary voting will take place in 16 states.

In Michigan, after counting, about 58 percent. votes, Trump led over Haley 67-27 percent.

– We have to win on November 5, and we will win very big and it will be something that no one has ever seen. This will be fantastic. We win Michigan, we win everything, Trump told his supporters.

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