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US presidential election. On the Democratic side, only Michelle Obama has more support than Biden. Poll

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An Ipsos and Reuters poll released Tuesday found that only former first lady Michelle Obama would have a better chance than Joe Biden of defeating Donald Trump in the presidential election. However, internal research from Biden's campaign, cited by Puck, shows a different picture.

According to an Ipsos survey, the wife of former President Obama – who has repeatedly declared that she will not run in elections – She could count on a significant advantage in a hypothetical duel with Trump, defeating him by a vote of 50-39 percent.

This is a much better result than Biden, who in survey received 40 percent support, the same as his Republican rival. The poll suggests that Thursday's debate did not change the landscape of the rivalry between the current and former presidents.

Of the other potential rivals for Biden included in the survey, only the vice president came closest to his result. Kamala Harris (42 percent versus 43 percent for Trump).

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Other candidates mentioned, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, are trailing Trump by more than three and five percentage points, respectively.

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Despite no change in declared voting preferences, the number of Democratic supporters who want Biden to drop out of the presidency has increased to 32 percent.

The Reuters poll paints a better picture for the current president than most other surveys conducted after the debate, although none of them showed a dramatic shift in voter sympathies.

Barack and Michelle Obama at the Coco Gauff - Laura Siegemund match

Barack and Michelle ObamaGetty Images

Biden's internal campaign research

As reported by Puck.news, among the most pessimistic polls for Democrats are internal studies commissioned by Biden's campaign. They indicate that despite a minimal drop in support for the president nationwide, his ratings have fallen significantly in key states that will decide the election result.

What's more, they say Trump has a chance to win in states where Democrats have consistently won for a long time, such as New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia and New York. Mexico.

The poll, released following a leak from Biden's campaign, also indicates that all other potential party candidates would have a better chance of defeating Trump than Biden.

Among those with the best results in key states are Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who both polls suggest would beat Trump. The other candidates would lose, but by slightly smaller margins than Biden.

Democrats call for Biden to withdraw

On Tuesday, Democratic congressman Lloyd Doggett called on Biden to withdraw from the race after the debate. The relatively unknown Texas politician noted that the president was struggling in the polls before the debate and that the debate “not only failed to reassure voters, but it also showed that the president could not effectively defend his many accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies.”

A similar appeal had already been made by another little-known Democratic congressman, Dean Phillips of Minnesota, who ran against Biden in the primaries but won only a few percent of the vote.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, 84 years old Nancy Pelosi She said that both Biden and Trump should undergo tests to check their health and cognitive functions.


Concerns about Biden's fitness

Responding to the calls during her first press briefing since the debate, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said that despite Biden's “bad night” – which was caused by a sore throat and a cold – the president was still able to do his job and had no intention of backing down.

She admitted, however, that she considered questions about the president's condition to be justified. However, she firmly denied questions about whether Biden had dementia or Alzheimer's disease and claimed that she had never seen such signs while in the president's company.

She also pointed to periodic medical examinations conducted in February, which showed that Biden was healthy and, despite a stiff gait and a number of minor ailments, was able to fulfill his function.

The spokeswoman also announced a number of additional public appearances by Biden in the near future, including an interview on ABC television planned for Friday and an expanded press conference during the summit. FOR THIS in Washington next week.

Biden is scheduled to hold talks with Democratic state governors on Wednesday, among other things to calm their concerns about his presidential run.

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