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US Presidential Elections: Joe Biden's Final Decision

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On Friday, the president Joe Biden gave a long-awaited interview. In a conversation with ABC journalist George Stephanopoulos, he repeatedly assured that his poor performance in the debate with Donald Trump was just a “bad episode”. He attributed it to a “bad cold” and fatigue. At the same time, he repeatedly assured that he was the best candidate who could defeat the Republican candidate.

US presidential election. Joe Biden has decided

– I am sure of two things: that I am best qualified to beat him and I know how to get things done,” he said during the conversation. The website says the interviewer repeatedly pressed Biden about rumors that his “bad episodes” had become increasingly common over the past few months.

“Are you the same man today that you were when you took office three and a half years ago?” Stephanopoulos asked. “In terms of successes, yes,” Biden replied. “I was also the man who put together a Middle East peace plan that can happen. I was the man who expanded NATO and which developed the economy. All the individual things that were done were ideas that I had or that I implemented, he explained.

Only God Can Convince Joe Biden to Change His Decision on the Presidential Election

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He also dismissed suggestions that he was putting his ego ahead of the country by staying in the race. “I'm running again because I think I know what needs to be done to take this country to a whole new level – he announced. Biden emphasized that if he was not certain of winning, he would not run. During the interview, the final declaration on this matter was also made.

If Almighty God comes down and tells me to back down, I will, but Almighty God does not come down – he said and added that only then would he resign. When asked what he would do if he lost, he replied that he did not intend to answer that question because “such a situation will not occur”.

The US President has repeatedly argued that various polls showing his record low support and Donald Trump's lead do not reflect reality. Biden also declares that his his health condition allows him to continue fighting for the presidential seat, as well as to hold office for many more years.

During the interview, Biden said that a good opportunity to pass judgment on his competence would be the nearest peak NATO.

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