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US primaries. Nikki Haley won against Donald Trump for the first time

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Nikki Haley won on Sunday in the primaries against Donald Trump in the race for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party. Her victory in the District of Columbia is her first against a former US president.

According to Edison Research, she was an ambassador USA In UN, won 62.9 percent. votes a Donald Trump 33.2 percent The victory will bring her 19 votes to the national convention of the Republican Party, compared to the 1,215 votes needed to obtain the nomination of the party’s presidential candidate.

As highlighted by the Associated Press, this slowed down, at least temporarily, Trump’s winning march to the nomination. The former president will most likely win the votes of several hundred more delegates next “Super Tuesday”, when residents of 15 states and 1 US overseas territory will vote. The votes of 874 delegates will then be available.

“Swamp” with high crime

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Reuter notes that the District Columbia has 100 percent urban character and has a relatively large percentage of residents with higher education. However, Trump’s electoral base consists mainly of small settlements and towns with poorly educated people.

The Washington area is also inhabited by a significant number of employees of federal agencies and institutions who, as Trump’s allies say, will stay if he wins the November elections. elections fired en masse and replaced with people loyal to the new US president.

Trump himself – as Reuters emphasizes – has always had a negative attitude towards the US capital, which he often described as a “swamp” with high crime and run by “elites detached from reality.”

Trump also lost the primary in the District of Columbia in 2016. He won only 14 percent. votes and no delegate, which did not prevent him from winning the primary election on a national scale and being nominated by the Republican Party to run in the presidential elections, in which he won against Hillary Clinton.

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