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USA. 37 allegations against Donald Trump. Court records have been made public

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Former US President Donald Trump has faced a total of 37 charges of knowingly withholding classified documents and obstructing an investigation, according to court records released on Friday. Among the documents he took and hid were those that described potential vulnerabilities of the US and its allies to military attacks by enemies, world agencies citing the documents write.

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Prosecutors accuse Trump of deliberately concealing top-secret documents in his possession and hiding them from investigators.

The document describes 31 allegations related to the deliberate withholding of secret documents, listing each document and clause separately. In addition, the grand jury that voted to indict charges accuses Trump and his assistant Walter Nauta of deliberately hiding documents from the authorities – as well as from his own lawyers – by moving them from place to place and hiding them in a bedroom, ballroom, and even the bathroom of his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

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He also allegedly suggested to his lawyers that they lie to investigators about the documents in his possession, and to destroy or hide them.

US and allied military secrets in hidden documents

The document shows that after Trump’s loss of power, the former president took “hundreds” of classified documents to his home. Among them were materials on US nuclear programs as well as “military capabilities USA and other countries, potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attacks, and plans for possible retaliation in response to an attack from abroad.”

“Unauthorized disclosure of these documents could jeopardize the national security of the United States, international relations, the security of the American military and personal sources and further ability to collect sensitive intelligence information,” the document reads.

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It also includes photos showing the conditions in which sensitive files were stored. In December 2021, the boxes containing the documents were to tip over and their contents spilled onto the floor, making the content of the files visible to employees of the Trump estate.

In turn, in July 2021, Trump was to openly show secret plans for a potential attack on Iran the author of one of the books (according to media reports, it was former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows) and his assistant. In another case, he showed an unauthorized person a map of a military operation.

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“Secret, this is classified information. Look, look at this,” Trump said during a recorded interview with the author. He later added that as president, he could have declassified the document, but he did not. This contradicts the former president’s repeated public defense that he “automatically” declassified the documents he took with him when he took them home.

Donald Trump is the first U.S. president to face federal charges. His lawyers Jim Trusty and John Rowley resigned from representing Trump shortly after the charges were filed, according to the media.

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