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USA. 40-year-old charged with murder in 2011. The DNA on the sweet potato gave him away

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Devarus Hampton of Massachusetts was arrested and charged in connection with a 2011 homicide. As CNN writes, the tests showed a match between his DNA and the genetic material secured on a sweet potato lying next to the crime scene. The killer was supposed to use the vegetable as a silencer. The man pleaded not guilty.

On Monday, February 27, Devarus Hampton, now 40, was questioned in Barnstable County District Court. A man charged with murder and assault with a weapon pleaded not guilty during a trial, CNN reported, citing court documents.

Hampton is suspected of killing 31-year-old Todd Lampley on February 27, 2011 in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. As explained by CNN, three shells and a sweet potato were found at the crime scene outside the window of the bedroom where Lampley was standing when he was shot. It was determined that the shots were fired from outside, by a person standing in front of the bedroom window. The police report also shows that a sweet potato – otherwise known as a sweet potato – had the end cut off and a hole running through the middle, which was “irregular and torn” at one end. “Investigators believe that the sweet potato was used as a soundproofing device,” the report said.

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Massachusetts. The defendant’s DNA on the sweet potato

A few days after the murder, Hampton was arrested in connection with another, unrelated to Lampley’s death, according to the portal’s report. When the subject of this crime was brought up during the interrogation, the man refused to testify. Investigators have gathered some incriminating evidence. Hampton was found to have exchanged more than a dozen phone calls and texts with a man who was in Lampley’s home at the time of Lampley’s death. Some of them were from the minutes before the crime. Another piece of evidence is a record of the defendant’s location recorded by a GPS tracker attached to his body, the wearing of which was one of the conditions of release in connection with another, unrelated case. The transmitter indicated that Hampton was in the vicinity of the house where the shooting occurred at the time of the shooting.

The key evidence, however, was a DNA sample that investigators took without the man’s knowledge in 2016. According to CNN, they obtained the genetic material from a fragment of phlegm that Hampton spat into a puddle. Testing by an external laboratory matched the DNA recovered in the pool with the DNA found on the surface of the sweet potato at the crime scene.

It is not known why the man was arrested and charged only seven years after the genetic material was secured. A prosecutor’s representative told the Cape Cod Times that he could not provide details on the case. The log says Hampton knew Lampley, accusing him of being involved in another deadly shooting a year earlier. The motive for the crime, however, remains unknown. Hampton will be questioned again in early April. He is in custody without bail.

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