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USA. 6-year-old and her parents shot by neighbor after they went to get their ball on his property

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Six-year-old Kinsley and her parents were shot by a neighbor whose backyard dropped their basketball, Newsweek reported. The man started shooting when the family entered his property to take their property. The girl’s father was seriously injured.

The incident took place on April 18 in Gastonia, North Carolina. According to Newsweek, police are still looking for 24-year-old Robert Louis Singletary, who is suspected of firing several shots at the 6-year-old and her parents who entered his property to get their ball. The man is pregnant with charge of attempted murder. Police warn that Singletary may be “armed and dangerous”, according to Newsweek.

24-year-old Robert Louis Singletarygastongov.com

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Gastonia. They went for the ball, they got shot

The bullets hit both the girl and both of her parents, according to the local Queen City News website. The 6-year-old girl, identified as Kinsley White, had minor injuries and was released from hospital within hours of the incident. Her mother, Ashley Hilderbrand, has also returned home. The child’s father, William White, was the most seriously injured and is still hospitalized, police said in a statement.

Members of the attacked family explained to Queen City News that Singletary had gone mad after their ball had landed in his backyard. He came out with a gun and started shooting. I hope my dad is okay,” Kinsley, 6, said. In an interview with local television station WSOC-TV, she turned to the attacker. – Why did you shoot me and my dad? she asked. The girl’s mother, also quoted by WSOC-TV, explained that the 24-year-old had threatened her and her family before the shots were fired. “He looked at my daughter and husband and said, ‘I’m going to kill you,'” Hilderbrand said.

Shooting of 16-year-old Ralph Yarl

This is another shot in recent days of a person – and in this case people – who entered someone else’s property without bad intentions. Last week in Kansas City, USA, a 16-year-old wanted to pick up his two brothers from a friend’s house, but got the addresses wrong. After he knocked on another house, he was shot twice by his tenant.

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Newsweek, WSOC-TV, Queen City News

Main photo source: gastongov.com

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