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USA. A 10-year-old girl saved her grandfather from drowning in a swimming pool. She notified the services

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Police in Glynn County, Georgia, gave 10-year-old Aurora Waanounou an award for bravery. The girl saved her grandfather from drowning in the pool and then contacted the emergency services. Without Aurora’s heroic and decisive actions in extremely stressful circumstances, the consequences of the accident could have been different.

The official Glynn County Police profile details the events of June 2 this year. Then it is at At 14.30 the command dispatcher received a report “in connection with a medical emergency”. 10-year-old Aurora Waanounou called to inform the dispatcher that her grandfather had fallen into the pool and was unconscious. The girl gave the exact address and all the information needed for the immediate reaction of the services.

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A 10-year-old girl saved her grandfather. She stopped Grandma and jumped into the water herself

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On the spot, during the conversation with the girl’s grandmother, the police discovered that she not only notified the services but also directly saved the life of the grandfather. The 10-year-old had previously witnessed a man fall into the water and lose consciousness. Aurora’s grandfather was lying facedown in the water, where it was too deep for the girl to go in and stand on the bottom. Nevertheless, she stopped her grandmother from jumping into the water – the woman can’t swim – and jumped into the pool herself. “Aurora was somehow able to muster the strength to push Grandpa to the edge of the pool, where she and Grandma were able to turn him over and keep his head above the water,” the police profile reads. Moments later, the girl contacted the services.

“Without Aurora’s heroic and decisive actions in extremely stressful circumstances, the consequences of the accident might have been different. She reacted instinctively, fighting to save her grandfather’s life. It was an honor for us to be able to honor Aurora for this act of courage,” the police write.

As added in the message, the rescued man has already left the hospital and is doing well enough to be able to take part in the award ceremony for his granddaughter.

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Main photo source: Facebook/GlynnPolice

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