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USA. A 10-year-old survived 24 hours alone in the mountains. She got lost during the trip

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A 10-year-old girl who got lost while hiking with her family in the mountains of Kittitas County has been found alive and well after a 24-hour search. The girl wandered down the river alone, trying to find her loved ones.

The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office in Washington State said on Tuesday that 10-year-old Shunghla Mashwani was found after she got lost while hiking with her family in the mountains. According to the officers, during the 24 hours she was alone in the forest, nothing happened to her. She had only minor scratches.

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10-year-old girl found 24 hours later

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The girl was reported missing by police on Sunday afternoon. Officers were told that the 10-year-old girl had gone missing just before 10 p.m. 14:00 on the Cathedral Rock Trail in the northern part of the Cle Elum River Valley, where she was staying with a family trip of about 20 people. At one point, the group was crossing the bridge over the river, and after a while they realized that the girl was not with them. They then started looking for her and later called the police.

Several search teams from nearby services were involved in the search, with drones and helicopters combing the area from the air. “The search area was steep, rugged, remote, with dense trees and brush that was crossed by a fast-flowing river,” the sheriff’s office said. The girl was finally found around noon on Monday. 15:00. She was about 2.5 km from the place where she got lost. She was transported by boat to her family.

The police found the 10-year-old girl and transported her to her family by boat.Facebook / Kittitas County Sheriff

“She wandered downstream through a dense forest and spent the night among the trees. She said she knew she had done the right thing by following the river. She was an extremely resourceful and resilient 10-year-old,” it said. “I tried to sleep at night and then get up early in the morning to look for mum and dad in the forest,” Shunghla told local station KING.

The Sheriff’s Office also said the girl’s family had moved to USA from Afghanistan two years ago and like to spend time in the mountains because it reminds them of home.

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Main photo source: Facebook / Kittitas County Sheriff

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