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USA. A 7-year-old was killed in a shootout. It broke out after an argument over jet skis in Tampa, Florida

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Yitzian Yzacc Torres Garcia, 7, was killed in a July 4 shooting in Tampa, Florida, media reported. It was allegedly caused by an argument over jet skis that were too close to shore while children were playing in the water.

The incident took place on the day of an important holiday for Americans – Independence Day. According to the Washington Post, around At 8:30 p.m. on July 4, police were called to a boat dock near the Courtney Campbell Causeway. There was supposed to be a fight there, and then a shootout. The media reports that “two groups” clashed – one complained that the other was sailing jet skis close to the shore where children were playing in the water.

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7-year-old victim of shooting in Tampa, Florida

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According to the Washington Post, Yitzian and his grandfather went to the traditional Christmas fireworks show in the afternoon. “The sounds of distant fireworks turned into the sounds of close shots,” the portal writes. And he emphasizes that the two did not even know the arguing groups and were not involved in the dispute before the shooting began.

Calvin Johnson, a local sheriff’s deputy, said the 7-year-old’s grandfather, seeing what was happening, reacted quickly and pulled the child into the van. Unfortunately, the bullet pierced the car body, wounding the man in the finger, and then hitting the child in the head. Despite immediate help and transporting the boy to the hospital, the 7-year-old died. The man’s injuries are not life-threatening.

“There are no words to describe this tragedy,” Stephanie Arroyo García, Yitzian’s aunt, told the Washington Post. “We’re really bad. We want justice.” As she added, the 7-year-old loved cars and computer games. One of his toy cars stood on the causeway on Thursday afternoon, where he died, next to candles and teddy bears, which relatives decided to commemorate the boy.

Sheriff’s Deputy Calvin Johnson told local station FOX3 that officers are working hard and looking for any leads related to the incident. “We are determined to hold those responsible accountable for their actions,” Johnson says. As the police officer emphasized, there is no excuse for a situation where an argument turns into a shootout. Especially since – as he added – “it’s about jet skis”.

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