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USA. A beach umbrella stuck in the woman. The 63-year-old is dead

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Tammy Perreault died from chest injuries after a beach umbrella was blown up by the wind and lodged in her body. A tragic accident occurred on the municipal beach in Garden City, South Carolina. The woman was resting there with her husband and friends.

On the day of the tragic accident, Tammy Perreault was with her husband and four friends at the city beach in Garden City. As reported by the NBC News portal, at some point, from a distance of about 10 meters, a beach umbrella came down in the wind. – The other beachgoers managed to dodge him, Tammy did not – said the husband of the deceased, Mike Perreault, in an interview with the portal. The man added that “the day was windy” but “other than that one umbrella, nothing else was picked up by the wind.”

An umbrella stuck in the chest of a 63-year-old woman. The woman began to bleed profusely. She was rushed to a local hospital, but her life could not be saved. She died within an hour.

Tammy Perreault died of chest injuries, NBC News reported, citing information from the Horry County Coroner’s Office.

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Tammy Perreault switched to a year ago retirement. – She was one of a kind. After a few years of knowing her, I asked her to marry me – says her husband Mike Perreault, adding that they were “inseparable”. – It was just her and me. Our friends used to say that wherever Mike was, Tammy was there, and vice versa.

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