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USA. A bear with a plastic container on his head. “I doubt the animal would have survived without intervention”

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A young black bear got his head stuck in a plastic container and couldn’t get out. The animal was noticed by an employee of the nature park, who immediately rushed to help the toddler. As experts explain, throwing away packaging in the forest can end tragically for its inhabitants.

Sarah Lindgren, a wildlife park worker from Pennsylvania, noticed an unusual situation last Sunday. As she was passing through Cross Fork, she noticed a small black bear on the side of the road. The cub had a tight-fitting plastic container on its head.

“At first I thought he was dead,” Lindgren told CNN. She cautiously approached the animal, which recognized the presence of a human and gave a sign of life. The woman grabbed the plastic container, trying to help the bear free himself from the trap. After about 10 seconds, the frightened cub was free. The dazed little bear ran towards the forest and climbed a tree.

The bear is stuck in a plastic container[Cable News Network Inc. All rights reserved 2023]

It could have ended tragically

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– I highly doubt that the animal would have survived another day without intervention. It was very weak and dehydrated, Lindgren said. – In addition, it was right next to a paved road with a steep descent to a stream. A bear cub could have been hit by a car or died of dehydration in a day, she added.

According to Lindgren, the cub was about eight months old. Although she had not seen its mother anywhere, the pet should be old enough to survive on its own. As she emphasized, in such situations, you should always contact the park authorities. Nature guardians, on the other hand, appeal to people to throw empty packaging into the garbage and not to endanger animals.

The bear is stuck in a plastic container[Cable News Network Inc. All rights reserved 2023]

Main photo source: [Cable News Network Inc. All rights reserved 2023]

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