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USA. A cat from Germany wandered around the airport in Boston for 3 weeks, returned to its owners at the weekend

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The kitten, which escaped from its travel cage at Boston Airport at the end of June, has finally been found. Previously, for three weeks she was walking around the airport rooms, playing cat and mouse, trying to lure her in various ways with the facility’s staff. The animal has already found its way back into the hands of its keepers.

The name Rowdy, which the kitten bears, can be translated as a troublemaker or a thug, and she probably deserved it. The search for the kitten at Boston Logan International Airport lasted exactly 20 days. Although the airport staff used technologically advanced cameras to track the movement of wild animals and special traps, the animal remained elusive until last Wednesday. “We will never know whether it was due to fatigue or hunger, but this morning she finally got caught,” the airport said in a special announcement published on the website last week.

A kitty’s escape at the airport during a transfer

Rowdy has been wandering around the Boston airport since June 24. She flew to the United States from Germanwhere its owner, Patty Sahil, has lived for the last 16 years. This year, the woman made the decision to return to America. She flew there in May and took her second cat with her. At the end of June, her husband was to join her, he was traveling with Rowdy. He placed the cage with the cat in the luggage hold. Boston was not the final destination, the man and the quadruped were to transfer to a plane flying to Florida there.

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As Sahil told CNN, as Boston airport workers began unloading their luggage, the cage door opened and Rowdy got outside and immediately “ran after the bird she spotted.” “Three people tried to catch her, but they failed” – added the owner of the cat. She noted that her pet has a very “energetic” personality.

The airport workers were looking for an escapee for three weeks. They suspected that he was hiding in the underground part of the airport – where the luggage straps are. They tried to track her down with cameras used to record wild animals, as well as lure her with her favorite delicacies and familiar smells present on the owners’ clothes. But until last Wednesday, when Rowdy came out of hiding by herself, the search was unsuccessful.

The kitten Rowdy with her owners again

“We are very happy with the happy ending. We did not even think about what would happen if we did not find her or if she was hurt,” Sahil emphasized in an interview with CNN. She also thanked everyone involved in the search campaign.

After catching the kitten, airport employees handed it over to members of the Boston branch of the Animal Rescue League. Last weekend, Rowdy was returned to the owners.

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CNN, Boston Logan International Airport

Main photo source: Twitter / Boston Logan International Airport

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