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USA. A cat got stuck on a power pole – depriving about 200 houses of electricity

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A cat that got stuck on an electric pole in Columbia, Pennsylvania, temporarily knocked out power to about 200 nearby homes. Electricity supplies were interrupted for the animal’s safety.

The local police reported an unusual incident in Columbia. The story from two weeks ago was initially reported by local media, and a few days ago by the world’s largest dailies. According to these reports, the cat climbed one of the poles and got stuck between its wires. Residents concerned about the sight of the animal called police officers for help. They, in turn, brought in employees of the local energy service provider. Out of concern for the animal’s safety, the energy company decided to suspend electricity supplies for the duration of the rescue operation. Nearly 200 nearby houses were without electricity for about 10 minutes. Using a special boom, the cat was safely brought to the ground – reports the website of the local television station ABC27.

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The cat got stuck on an electric pole. Police about “KOTostrophe”

“We would like to thank all employees of the electricity supplier for helping us avoid KOTostrophe,” police officers from Columbia wrote on social media after the action. As they added in a short statement, after being brought down, the cat was taken to the city shelter. The animal’s owner has not yet been identified.

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On the same day, a similar incident involving a cat occurred in the city of Allentown, approximately 120 kilometers away, reports the Lehigh Valley News website. Similarly to Columbia, the animal climbed a power pole there. After about six hours at height, he was pulled down by employees of the energy supplier. Power was also turned off in the area during the rescue operation. The cat has already been returned to its owner, from whom it escaped on the morning of October 11.

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Main photo source: Facebook/Columbia Borough Police

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