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USA. A cocaine cat caught in a tree. The serval went to the zoo for treatment

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A wild, predatory cat was caught in a tree in Ohio. Identified as an African serval, the animal was taken to a hospital where it was found to be under the influence of cocaine. The owner of the serval was arrested by the police.

A large wild cat perched in a tree was spotted on January 28 in Oakley, Ohio. According to local media, the animal most likely jumped out of its owner’s car and ran into the trees. A short time later, a nearby animal rescue facility – Cincinnati Animal Care (CAC) – was called and captured the predator and transported it to its clinic.

“Cocaine Cat”

Initially, the services thought that the animal was a savannah cat, a breed resulting from the crossing of a domestic cat with an African serval. However, DNA tests have shown that it is an African serval, an animal that is banned in Ohio. He was treated because he injured his leg while catching him. To the surprise of veterinarians, however, during the tests, it turned out that the serval was under the influence of cocaine.

Following the disclosure, the serval was dubbed the “cocaine cat” by local media. At the same time, he was transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo, which has more opportunities to deal with the predatory cat and can undergo further treatment. Zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley said the serval was in good shape and was being cared for. For the time being, however, it will not be shown to visitors of the facility.

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The owner of the serval has been arrested by the police but has not yet been charged with illegal possession of the animal. The services only informed that the man was cooperating and had already made extensive explanations.

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African serval

Servals are naturally found in Africa. They are predatory animals, known for their bright yellow fur with black spots and the ability to jump high, up to two meters high. “It was definitely a sight worth seeing. The (feral) cat expert said we were well behaved. We were also very lucky because this cat could tear us apart and kill us – said Troy Taylor from the Hamilton shelter under the CAC about his capture.

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