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USA. A construction company mistakenly demolished an Atlanta home while the homeowner was on vacation

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Atlanta resident Susan Hodgson didn’t expect to return from vacation like this. A construction company accidentally demolished a house it owned. “I’m furious. I wake up and think: Is this a joke? I’m shocked,” she says in an interview with the media.

The woman told this story to the Associated Press. Last month, after returning from vacation, she found a pile of rubble at the site of the house that had belonged to her family for over 40 years. “I’m furious. I wake up and think: Is this a joke? I’m in shock,” she reported.

“They are working to solve the problem”

The woman learned about the whole incident from a neighbor who called, surprised by the demolition of the empty house. “She said someone had just torn down the whole house,” Hodgson recalled. She sent a neighbor to join the construction team. The staff became unpleasant to her. “They told her to shut up and mind her own business,” Hodgson continues.

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The situation was only explained by a relative of the house owner, who asked to present documents allowing for demolition. Then it turned out that there had been a mistake. The company was ordered to demolish a house at a completely different address. It was too late to save the building.

This is what’s left of the house of a woman living in AtlantaAssociated Press/EastNews

The company responsible for demolishing the house did not even contact the owner, the agency writes. – It’s hard to believe that someone thinks they have the right to come, destroy something and disappear, instead of coming back and saying: “I’m sorry. What do I have to do to fix it? It was a mistake,” said the Atlanta resident.

She reported the matter to the police and talked to lawyers. “We are still wondering what to do,” she concluded.

FOX 5 Atlanta managed to contact the company. A statement sent to the station said the company was “investigating and working to resolve the issue.”

Main photo source: Associated Press/EastNews

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