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USA. A dog at a Metallica concert. He had previously run away from home

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A young dog, photographed sitting in the audience during a concert of the metal legend Metallica, has become a social media star. As it turned out, he had escaped from the backyard earlier. The day after the concert, he safely returned to his guardian.

“You may have heard that a four-legged fan joined us during #M72LA (a performance in Los Angeles, as part of the ongoing M72 tour – ed.)!” – wrote probably the most famous metal band in the world on its Facebook profile, followed by 36 million people. No wonder that the young female Storm attracted the attention of metal fans around the world. The entry was accompanied by a photo in which we see a cute dog occupying one of the seats of the SoFi stadium in the suburbs of Los Angeles during a concert. Storm looks interested in what is happening on stage.

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A dog at a Metallica concert

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As the group’s post explains, “our friend Storm” slipped out of her house next to the stadium and went to the concert alone. “She had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including ‘Barx Æterna,’ ‘Master of Puppies’ and ‘The Mailman That Never Comes,'” the band joked, changing the names of their big hits to “more dog-friendly” names.

As the group’s profile adds, “after an evening of performing with ‘our Metallica family,’ Storm was safely returned to her real family the next day.”

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation from Los Angeles reported the happy ending to this story. She wrote on her Facebook profile that after the concert, the dog was taken by the services to a nearby shelter. The next day, a person reported there claiming to be Storm’s guardian. “Judging by the owner’s Facebook page, the dog is well-groomed and loved. We would like to thank everyone who helped share the information. We are glad that the dog found its way home,” we read on the foundation’s website.

Meanwhile, the band itself announced that it was forced to postpone the next concert on the tour – in Arizona, because – as they wrote on social media – “COVID caught up with James”. They intend to return to concerts next Saturday, September 9.


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Facebook/Metallica, The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, CNN

Main photo source: Maj.l/Shutterstock, Facebook/Metallica

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