USA. A family of taekwondo players saved a young woman from sexual assault


A young American woman was saved from sexual assault thanks to the intervention of the family of taekwondo players. According to CNN, the incident occurred near the Texas city of Houston.

When Simon An and his family members heard screams coming from the store next to their family's taekwondo studio, they immediately knew something was wrong.

20-year-old An and members of his family, all of whom practice martial arts, immediately followed the disturbing sounds. Behind the trading post, they saw a man trying to rape a young woman. The martial arts masters quickly overpowered and immobilized the criminal and held him until the police arrived.

“Our first instinct was to save this girl,” An said. “We didn't know what he was going to do to her,” he added.

– My dad just pulled him away and pushed him against the wall – An described. His father suffered a few scratches during the fight, but An reassured reporters that he was “all right.”

The person arrested was 19-year-old Alex Robinson. He was accused of attempted sexual assault, including “causing bodily harm by strangulation”, “violation of bodily integrity” and ordering the victim to remove her clothes. Robinson's bail was set at $100,000.

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