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USA. A fragment of the fuselage broke off from the Boeing. The FAA orders inspections of the 737-900ER

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All Boeing 737-900ER planes are to be subject to additional inspections, the US Federal Aviation Administration has recommended. They are to check whether the doors in machines of this type are properly installed. This is the second Boeing model subjected to additional inspections after a fragment of the fuselage broke off from a Boeing 737 MAX 9 in early January.

On Sunday, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an advisory that airlines should conduct additional inspections of all Boeing 737-900ER aircraft. As reported, no problems have been reported with this model so far, but it is equipped with the same blanking panels as the one that broke away from an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 at the beginning of January.

A hole that was created in a flying BoeingReuters

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Boeing inspections

The FAA said it is recommending as an “additional level of safety” that the panels covering the opening for the optional secondary emergency door on the 737-900ER are properly secured. However, no grounding of these machines has been ordered, and inspections are to be carried out by the operators themselves. A Boeing spokesman said the company “fully supports” the FAA in this action.

The Boeing 737-900ER is an older model than the MAX 9. The first one was produced in 2007 and the last one in 2019. These models spent a total of over 11 million hours in the air around the world. The largest fleets of 737-900ER machines are currently operated by American airlines Alaska Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. All of these lines have already started the ordered inspections.

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A fragment of the fuselage was torn off the Boeing 737 MAX 9

On January 5, shortly after take-off of the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 from Portland with 177 people on board, a panel covering the space for an optional additional emergency exit door broke off from the fuselage. As a result, a large hole was created in the plane and the passenger cabin was depressurized. Despite the failure, the plane managed to land safely and a a detached Boeing panel was found by a Portland teacher.

As a result of this incident, the FAA grounded the facility USA all Boeing 737 MAX 9s, i.e. 171 machines. An investigation is underway into the case in which the production process of aircraft parts at Boeing and in… Spirit AeroSystems, the panel manufacturer. In the US, only Alaska Airlines and United Airlines use the MAX 9.

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