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USA. A man tried for driving without a driving license testified in court – while driving a car

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A 44-year-old man on trial for driving while his license was suspended was driving a car while giving his remote testimony in court. – Give me a second, I'm just parking – he said to a judge from Washtenaw County in the US state of Michigan.

The incident occurred on May 15 during a hearing at the Washtenaw County Courthouse. CBS News reports that 44-year-old Corey Harris was scheduled to appear on charges related to driving with a suspended license. Harris joined the hearing through one of the popular platforms remote work. The man connected to the courtroom live – via a camera – while driving a car, which clearly surprised Judge Cedric Simpson.

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Tried for driving with a suspended license

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A recording of the hearing, widely shared on social media, shows the moment Harris joins the hearing while sitting behind the wheel. The judge immediately asked him if he was driving. – Actually, I'm pulling up to the doctor's office, so give me a second, I'm just parking – replied the 44-year-old, which caused visible surprise on Judge Simpson's face. A moment later, the man's lawyer, Natalie Pate, requested that the case be adjourned for 2-4 weeks.

– Maybe I don't understand something here. This is a driving without a license case… and he just drove a car without a license? – the judge asked. The woman confirmed that these were exactly the allegations against the man. – I look at his driving record, he doesn't have a driving license and he just drives – the judge noted. As can be concluded from the expression on the 44-year-old's face, it was probably only then that he realized what he had done.

– I have no idea why he did it. The defendant's bail in this case is revoked. The defendant is scheduled to report to the Washtenaw County Jail by 6:00 p.m. today. Failure to appear will result in an arrest warrant being issued without bail, the judge concluded. At the end of the video, Harris can be seen tilting his head back and saying “oh my God” in disbelief.

CBS News reports that the man eventually showed up at the jail and was released two days later. He is scheduled to appear in court again on June 5.

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