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USA. A microscopic bag smaller than a grain of salt sold at the MSHF auction

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A microscopic handbag “smaller than a grain of salt” was sold at a New York auction for the equivalent of a quarter of a million zlotys. The handbag, designed by the art collective MSCHF, is so small that its buyer received a microscope in the set to be able to view his purchase.

The microscopic handbag is a project of the New York art collective MSCHF. Made of photopolymer resin using 3D printing technology, the bag is only 700 micrometers wide, 657 high and 222 deep. It looks like one of the famous Louis Vuitton handbag models. At the auction that ended on Tuesday, organized by the Pharrell Williams Joopiter auction house, this bag was sold for a staggering price of $ 63,750, which is the equivalent of approximately PLN 261,000.

A microscopic purse

Even before the sale of the handbag, on June 20-24, those willing could see it at the Parisian Galerie Perrotin gallery. It was displayed there in a sealed gel case placed under a microscope. “Smaller than a grain of sea salt and narrow enough to pass through the center of a needle’s eye – here’s a bag so small you need a microscope to see it,” MSCHF members describe their project on social media.

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Due to the extremely small dimensions of the bag, several samples sent for review were lost during its design, the BBC reports. To reduce the risk of the new buyer losing the handbag and allowing him to admire it, he also received a microscope with his purchase.

MSHF representatives justified the microscopic dimensions of the handbag with the desire to draw attention to the trend of miniaturization of women’s handbags, which has been going on for several seasons, as a result of which they are becoming less and less practical. “As a once-functional item, such as a handbag, becomes smaller and smaller, it also becomes more and more abstract, until it becomes purely a brand marker,” they write on social media.

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Bag “smaller than a grain of salt”

MSCHF, a collective founded in 2019 by Kevin Wiesner, Gabriel Whaley, Daniel Greenberg, Stephen Tetreault and Lukas Bentel, is known for its controversial projects, often drawing attention to the absurdities of the fashion industry. In 2022, he created a bag with a “Made in Italy” label (made in Italy – ed.), whose production did not take place in a country lying on the Mediterranean Sea, but in the city of Italy, Texas. This procedure was intended to draw attention to the use of similar labels by accessories manufacturers to create their alleged, luxurious image.

In the past, MSHF also produced, among others, sneakers (shoe type – ed.) containing holy water from the Jordan River in the soles, cologne with the scent of WD-40 (a popular lubricant – ed.), or sports shoes with a drop of blood.

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Main photo source: MSHF

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