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USA. A one-year-old child is dead, left alone at home for 10 days. Mother was on vacation

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A 1-year-old girl from the US state of Ohio has died after spending several days “at home, all alone, unsupervised”, local authorities say. The child’s mother was arrested and charged with murder. Her neighbors in an interview with the media admitted that in the past she asked them to take care of the child and “they do not understand why she did not ask for help this time.”

Cleveland, Ohio, police officers were called to a home on West 97th Street on June 16. Inside the building was a “one-year-old girl”, later identified as Jailyn Candelario, who was pronounced dead by paramedics. There were “no signs of any trauma” on her body, authorities said in a statement posted on the Cleveland website. It was not stated who called the police to the house where the child was staying.

Mother went on vacation

The Cuyahoga County Coroner determined that Jailyn died after being left unattended for approximately 10 days. The day after the intervention of the services, the police arrested her mother, 31-year-old Kristel Candelario, who was charged with murder. NBC News, citing a police statement made after the arrest, said on Friday that Candelario “was vacationing in Puerto Rico and Detroit.” The 31-year-old admitted to police that she left her daughter “at home, all alone and unattended”. When she returned home last Friday, she found her daughter “extremely dehydrated,” according to Candelario’s affidavit.

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Neighbors told NBC’s Cleveland branch that the defendant had asked them to babysit in the past and “they don’t understand why she didn’t ask for help this time.” “She really didn’t deserve what happened to her.” She was amazing, really lovely and I miss her so much,” Candelario, a 13-year-old neighbor, told the station, remembering the girl who died.

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