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USA. A piece of metal fell on the house. It could have come from the International Space Station, NASA is investigating

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A piece of metal, most likely debris from the International Space Station (ISS), fell onto Alejandro Otero's house in Naples, Florida. The object damaged the roof of the building and broke through two floors. Talking about the incident, the man said that the shrapnel “almost hit” his son. NASA launched an investigation into the object's origins.

On March 8, a piece of metal fell from the sky onto a house in Naples, Florida, tearing holes in its ceilings and floors. The origin of the object that caused the destruction has not yet been determined. However, it is suspected that it is a fragment of one of nine batteries ejected from the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021. NASA has already initiated an investigation into this matter, The Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The owner of the two-story building that was hit by a piece of metal is Alejandro Otero. Telling about the incident to WINK News, the man said that the shrapnel “almost hit” his son. – This thing broke through the entire house. It made huge holes in the floors and ceilings. (…) I am incredibly happy that no one was hurt, he added.

Debris fell on the house. NASA is investigating

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A NASA spokesman, quoted by “The Guardian”, emphasizes that the agency is trying to analyze the origin of the object “as quickly as possible.” Some experts are already pointing out what the mysterious piece of metal may be. According to the editors of the scientific portal Ars Technica, it is probably a fragment of one of the nine exhausted batteries of the International Space Station, which were thrown from the ISS in 2021.

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This is indicated, among others, by: the moment the metal hit Otero's house. It occurred on March 8 at 2:34 p.m. local time. Just five minutes earlier, the United States Space Command had recorded the re-entry of space debris into the Earth's atmosphere. At that time, they were over the Gulf of Mexico and heading toward southwest Florida.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also previously informed about the possibility of space waste entering the Earth's atmosphere. However, in a statement issued on March 8, the agency noted that “most of the waste” should be burned. “Although some parts may reach Earth, the risk of injury – the probability of hitting a person – is very low,” the agency added at the time.

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Main photo source: Alejandro Otero/X

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