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USA. A prisoner attacked a 61-year-old Indianapolis police officer. He was supposed to strangle him with handcuffs

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John Durm, an Indianapolis police officer, was brutally attacked by an inmate and died as a result. According to the media, the officer was strangled using handcuffs. The perpetrator then stole a police van but crashed it nearby and was apprehended.

According to the Indianapolis Police Department, the incident happened on Monday. Marion County Police Officer John Durm, 61, was transporting a prisoner from a medical appointment to the Criminal Justice Center Complex. At one point, the inmate attacked the officer, then stole his vehicle and drove away in it. It crashed nearby shortly after and was immediately stopped.

The police officer who was attacked by the prisoner was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The alleged killer of the 61-year-old man has been identified as 34-year-old Orlando Mitchell. He was also hospitalized after the incident. He will be formally charged upon his release.

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Media: An inmate strangled a policeman with handcuffs

The police have not yet officially confirmed how exactly the officer escorting the prisoner was killed. However, the local station WISH TV got information according to which Durm was strangled using the handcuffs that the escort was wearing. The whole event was supposed to be recorded by one of the cameras. In the video reported by the station, Durm is seen getting out of the vehicle, walking towards the back door and releasing the inmate from the car. Mittchel then allegedly tightens the police officer’s handcuff chain around his neck, after which they both struggle to the ground and the prisoner continues to strangle the officer until he stops moving. Then he finds the key, removes the handcuffs from his hands and drives away in a police van, WISH reports. According to another local station, WRTV, Mittchel was serving time in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend last year.

According to the Police Department, John Durm had worked there for 38 years, had a wife and four children. Police said another officer was also injured during Mittchel’s arrest but was treated at the scene.

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Main photo source: Facebook/Indianapolis Metro Police Dept.

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