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USA. A storm surprised him in the mountains, “he fell from a great height”

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A 23-year-old climber who had been missing for several days after going missing in the Rocky Mountains in the United States has died, Rocky Mountain National Park authorities said. The day he sent his last message, severe storms blew through the park. Initial investigation showed that the man “fell from a great height.”

Rocky Mountain National Park officials said Thursday that Lucas Macaj's body was found on Mills Glacier, on a climbing route leading to Longs Peak, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains. An initial investigation revealed that the 23-year-old from Colorado Springs, Colorado, “fell from a great height.” The deceased climber's body was flown by helicopter to the Boulder County Coroner's Office.

Rescue services began searching for Macaj four days earlier. The 23-year-old sent his last message on May 12 around 1 p.m. He then informed his friend that he was at the top of Longs Peak. On the same day, severe storms hit the park at high altitudes. In addition to the Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue Team, several organizations were involved in the search, including the Colorado National Guard and Air Ambulance.

Lucas MacajNational Park Service

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Friends say goodbye to a 23-year-old climber

Lucas Macaj was a US Marine, the KUSA television station reported. The 23-year-old's girlfriend told the station that he was in very good shape and had extensive experience in high-mountain expeditions.

“At the age of 23, Lucas was fiercely devoted to his family and friends, and his infectious enthusiasm and youthful energy lit up every room he entered, making a lasting impact on all who had the pleasure of meeting him,” Mountain Garrison, a fan organization, said on Facebook “Star Wars”, involved in, among other things, charity activities. Macaj was one of its members. “Rest in peace, Lucas. Your spirit will live on in the hearts of all who knew you,” we read in the post.

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Storm in the mountains. Things to remember

Experts remind you that if a storm arrives, you must leave the open area. You must not take shelter under a tree because of falling branches. You should also not stand near rocks on which water flows, as it may result in injury. Before going to the mountains, check the weather forecast, it is also worth observing what is happening in the sky, because storms in the mountains may only occur locally.

If a storm traps us on the trail, we should make sure to isolate ourselves from the ground. – We have a backpack, we have to stand on it. Legs together so that lightning would not have a chance to pass between one foot and the other – he explained in an interview with TVN24 Tatra guide Maciej Bielawski. We should stand in a place where in the event of a nearby lightning strike there will be no risk of a rock avalanche.

How to behave during a storm in the forestNational forests

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Main photo source: National Park Service

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