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USA. A tire fell off a trailer on the highway. A 38-year-old woman is dead

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A tragic accident took place in the USA on Highway 44. The car driven by 38-year-old Emily Ludwig was hit by a tire that flew off the trailer driving in the opposite direction. The woman was transported in critical condition to St. Louis. After a six-day hospitalization, the American died.

According to media reports, on July 22, the day of the accident, the 38-year-old was heading to the Six Flags amusement park in St. Louis, where she was supposed to spend time with friends. While she was driving on Highway 44, her car was hit by a tire that flew off a trailer traveling in the opposite lane. The tire smashed the woman’s car window and hit her in the head. The woman lost control of the vehicle. It hit the concrete divider separating the two lanes and then stopped on the side of the road.

The details of the incident are still being investigated. The American portal RFT reports that investigators have not yet determined who the lost tire belonged to, the impact of which led to death.

The 38-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Her sister, Betsy Clark, told KMOV that doctors had already told her family that “if Emily wakes up from her coma, she won’t be the same person she was before.” Emily Ludwig died on Friday, July 28.

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On behalf of the family, a friend of Ludwig Kelley Moulton launched an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to help the 38-year-old’s relatives “pay for the funeral expenses, care for her beloved cats and provide care for her mother and brother Daniel.”

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In describing the fundraiser, Moulton described Ludwig as “kind, bright, extremely loyal and deeply devoted … to her beloved family, friends and cats.” She added that the 38-year-old, who dealt with social work on a daily basis, “loved helping”. The woman also stated that as an organ donor, Emily Ludwig posthumously “gave five people a second chance at life”. The heart, lungs, liver and both kidneys of Americans were transplanted to people in need. Her pancreas was in turn donated to scientific research.

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