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USA. A white bison was born in Yellowstone, it was supposed to be the fulfillment of a prophecy. Authorities: no one saw him again after his birth

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The authorities of Yellowstone National Park confirmed the appearance of an extremely rare white bison almost a month after its birth. However, they reported that no one had seen it since its birth and that this unusual animal had not been located so far.

information about the birth of a white buffalo appeared in early June, but was only confirmed by Yellowstone National Park authorities on Friday. The park “can confirm, based on multiple credible observations, that a white bison was born in the Lamar Valley on June 4, 2024,” the statement said. It was said that on the day of its birth, the park authorities received many reports and photographs of the white bison from visitors, as well as nature observers, commercial guides and scientists.

However, as it was admitted, no one has seen this extremely rare animal since then and it is not known what is happening to it. “To this day, park staff have not been able to locate the calf,” it added.

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One in a million buffalo

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Based on photos of the white bison, it was concluded that the animal is not albino, but that it is leucistic, as indicated by its black eyes and the color of its hooves. Albinism (albinism) is a genetic condition manifested in animals by unusual changes in the color of their skin, hair, feathers or irises, which turn white. Leucism, in turn, is a disease characterized by a partial or complete lack of both types of melanins, i.e. compounds responsible for color.

The birth of a white bison is an extremely rare event. Experts say it occurs in one in a million cases, others estimate it to be only one in ten million. It has never been recorded in Yellowstone before. The report said the birth of a white bison may reflect a natural genetic legacy preserved in the Yellowstone bison that has emerged as a result of the successful recovery of the animals.

Prophecy fulfilled

Yellowstone Park also drew attention to the importance of the birth of the white bison for the Native Americans who traditionally inhabited the surrounding lands. According to Native American representatives, the birth of a white buffalo is an omen and the fulfillment of their ancient prophecy. This prophecy heralds the coming of better times, but at the same time it is a signal that more should be done to protect the Earth and the animals inhabiting it.

The park's website recalls the legend believed by, among others, the Dakota, Cherokee, Navajo, Lakota and Nakota tribes. According to it, about three thousand years ago, at a time when food was scarce and the buffalo population was disappearing, one of the members of the Lakota community received a pipe from the deity – the White Buffalo Calf Woman – to help bring back the buffalo. As he left, the deity turned into a white buffalo.

– And one day, when difficult times come again, I will return and stand on the earth as a white buffalo calf, with black nostrils, black eyes and black hooves – was then announced by the deity, whose words, according to tradition, were quoted by the media's spiritual leader of the Dakotas Arvol Looking Horse.

When reports of his birth surfaced, local tribespeople held a religious ceremony near the park to celebrate the calf’s birth and name him Wakan Gli, which can be translated as “the holy one comes” or “that which is holy returns.” Arvol Looking Horse called for a “spiritual awakening.”

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Main photo source: Erin Braaten/Associated Press/East News

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