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USA. A woman was about to shoot an Uber driver. According to the police, she thought he had kidnapped her to Mexico

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A 48-year-old Kentucky woman has been arrested in Texas in connection with the fatal shooting of an Uber driver. The woman was supposed to believe that the man kidnapped her to Mexico. The deceased had been working as a driver for three weeks, local media reported.

Phoebe Copas allegedly fatally shot 52-year-old Uber driver Daniel Piedra Garcia while driving in El Paso, Texas, on June 16, local police said in a statement quoted by CBS News. El Paso is located on the Rio Grande River, which marks the border between the United States and Mexico. Kentucky Copas, 48, “at one point in the drive thought she was being taken to Mexico and shot Piedra,” investigators said in a statement, adding that the investigation did not confirm that the driver had kidnapped a passenger or veered off the planned route.

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Shot man disconnected from life support

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Authorities determined that while driving through El Paso, Copas noticed road signs that read “Juarez, Mexico” and assumed she had been kidnapped, CBS News reported. She then took a pistol from her purse and shot the driver in the head. The vehicle hit the road barriers and then stopped on the road. According to police, before the woman called the authorities, she took a photo of the injured driver and sent it to her boyfriend, whom she planned to visit in El Paso.

The man was hospitalized. A few days later, doctors told his family that there was no chance of his recovery and he was taken off life support. Copas was arrested and initially charged with assault. After Piedra Garcia’s death, the police announced that they had been changed to a murder charge. The 48-year-old is currently in prison in El Paso.

Phoebe CopasEl Paso Police Department

Piedra Garcia, the only breadwinner in the family, started working as an Uber driver three weeks before he was fatally shot, according to the El Paso Times. “He was a hardworking man and a really funny man,” said the deceased’s niece, Didi Lopez, in an interview with the newspaper. “He could always see when you were in a bad mood, he would come and try to cheer us up and he would always make us laugh. Such a funny, caring and hard working man.

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