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USA. A worker cleaning a swimming pool fired with a machine gun burst by a homeowner

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A resident of Florida fired 30 bullets from a machine gun at a man he thought was an intruder who was actually an employee of a swimming pool cleaning company, police say. Although the local sheriff said he was only slightly injured, no crime had been committed.

It was evening when the 33-year-old pool cleaner arrived at his home in Dunedin, Florida. Usually he came there to clean the pool during the day, but this time he was late. It was already dark, so he used a flashlight to work. Home security camera footage provided by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office shows him scurrying around the edge of the pool on June 15.

Pool cleaner shot at by Florida homeownersPinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Moments later, the owner of the house, who was inside with his wife, “within a few minutes (…) fired 30 shots in his direction from his M4 (a popular automatic carbine used by the American army – ed.)” – as he said at a press conference Bob Gualtieri, local sheriff, quoted by the Washington Post.

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Pool cleaning worker shot at by homeowners

Quoted in statement Local police detectives say the 43-year-old homeowner heard noises by the pool and noticed a man she did not recognize. Concerned, she notified her husband, a retired US Army officer. According to the same account, he repeatedly shouted for the alleged intruder to leave their property. As the wife called 911, the husband fetched a rifle from the bedroom. According to the release, both of them continued to hear noises and noticed the light of a flashlight approaching the door. Then, “fearing for safety”, the owner reportedly fired two rounds from his rifle. Then more shots were fired. A recording of a woman’s conversation with an 911 dispatcher in the Washington Post shows that the call operator heard gunshots and called for a cease-fire.

An employee of a company servicing backyard swimming pools was lucky. The 33-year-old was not hit directly by the bullets, but was injured by pieces of glass and shards when the bullets hit a window, the Washington Post reported. He was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Shot under Florida law

“It’s probably one of those things that I would call legal but awful,” Sheriff Gualtieri said. “It’s a lawful, terrible combination of circumstances. We’re lucky that no one was seriously hurt,” he adds.

According to the Washington Post, the sheriff believed the shooting could have been avoided. “In retrospect, he (employee) should have let them know he was arriving at 9pm. And he made no attempt to contact them at all,” he said. However, according to police, no crime was committed during the incident. including the controversial right to defend one’s own home, one of which was recently debated after the death of the mother of four childrenshot – according to media reports and her family’s lawyer – after a neighborly feud through the door of a neighbor’s house.

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Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Washington Post

Main photo source: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

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