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USA about reports about Russia’s potential space weapons. John Kirby: no immediate threat

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US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby spoke on Thursday about reports about plans to develop a new Russian nuclear weapon that would be placed in space and could be used to destroy satellites. Kirby said the Kremlin’s aspirations are “concerning” but there is “no immediate threat to anyone’s safety.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reassured that it was a “potential” weapon. He estimated that the United States would soon provide more information on this subject.

US media reported on Wednesday that US intelligence had information about the deployment plan by Russia nuclear anti-satellite system in space, which may pose an international threat. Washington was to notify its allies about this. According to the New York Times, current and former US officials say there are no nuclear weapons in orbit.

Kirby talks about Russia’s “disturbing” aspirations, but also reassures

John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, commented on the matter at Thursday’s conference. He acknowledged that the reports had raised many questions and said he could only provide limited information on the “specific nature of the threat.” – I can confirm that this is related to the anti-satellite potential developed by Russia – he said.

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He emphasized that such possibilities have not been implemented yet. – And although Russia’s pursuit of this special capability is disturbing, there is no direct threat to anyone’s safety – he assured. “We are not talking about weapons that can be used to attack human beings or cause physical destruction here on earth,” he added.

He reassured that it was about “the opportunities that (the Russians – editor’s note) are developing.” – We are still analyzing available information on this subject – he noted. He said the U.S.’s “general knowledge” about Russia’s pursuit of this type of capability goes back many, many months, if not several years. But only now, he said, was the intelligence service able to assess with greater certainty how Moscow was continuing these actions.

Kirby, however, said that “it’s not time for us to go into this in more detail.”

He also said that Biden has asked for direct diplomatic contacts with Moscow on this matter. He also said that the American leader was kept informed about what – as the spokesman said – was “related to the anti-satellite capability developed by Russia.”

John Kirby at Thursday’s briefingPAP/EPA/Ken Cedeno / POOL

Blinken: We’ll have more to say soon

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken he told journalists on Thursday during a visit to Tirana in Albaniathat Washington is talking about this issue with allies and partners.

– This is not an active capability, but a potential one that we take very, very seriously. I expect that soon, actually very soon, we will have more to say, he added.

Reports about Russia’s plans for new weapons to be placed in space. Marcin Wrona’s reportTVN24

Reports of Russian nuclear weapons in space

Discussion around potential new Russian weapon began when the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee in the US Congress – Republican Mike Turner – provided information about a “threat to US national security”. Reuters and CNN cited sources as saying that “the threat is related to Russia” and its subject is “very delicate.” According to ABC News, this concerns the Kremlin potentially installing nuclear weapons in orbit that could be used to destroy satellites.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in response to journalists’ questions on this matter, he said on Wednesday that the statement of the chairman of the intelligence committee in the House of Representatives “slightly surprised him” because officials have a meeting scheduled for Thursday on this matter and Turner received an invitation earlier, before he spoke in writing. During it, officials authorized to inspect classified documents were to learn more details.

He also argued that in the matter of declassifying documents, the Biden administration “has gone further than any administration in history,” therefore “there is no reluctance to make them public when it is in the interest of US national security.”

Russia i United States are the largest nuclear powers, collectively possessing approximately 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons. Both countries also have advanced military satellites orbiting the Earth.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Ken Cedeno / POOL

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