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USA. Accused of rape, he faked his own death. Now Nicholas Rossi claims to be someone else

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Nicholas Rossi, accused of rape, appeared in court in Utah. However, the American introduced himself as Arthur Knight Brown and claimed to be an Irish orphan. According to investigators, this is another false identity, of which the man already had about 10. Earlier, in order to avoid trial, among others, he escaped to Europe and faked his own death twice.

American Nicholas Rossi is accused of raping a 21-year-old woman in Utah in 2008. The charges were brought against the man only nine years later, after local investigators began reviewing old evidence and Rossi’s DNA was linked to the DNA of the perpetrator of that attack.

He faked his own death

After hearing the rape accusation, the man fled the United States to Ireland. According to the prosecutor’s office, approximately three years after the escape, in early 2020, Rossi attempted to fabricate his own death. He was then supposed to post his obituary on the Internet, stating his death and the scattering of his remains at sea. Four months later, Rhode Island police officers received a message sent from an encrypted e-mail address stating that Rossi had died in Eastern Europe.

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Both alleged evidence of the man’s death were written “in a similar manner” to his previous content, court documents cited by CNN said.

Rossi was eventually traced by investigators in 2021 while he was in hospital in Glasgow with an infection COVID-19. His identity was confirmed thanks to DNA tests and his tattoos. Despite repeated appeals, in December 2023, the American was extradited to the United States.

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Nicholas Rossi is accused of rapeAbaca/PAP/EPA

He claims to be someone else

On Tuesday, Nicholas Rossi finally appeared in a Utah district court on sexual assault charges against him. However, the now 36-year-old man introduced himself as Arthur Knight Brown. He stuck to this version throughout the trial and claimed that investigators were wrongly assigning other personal details to him.

He described being born in Ireland, being an orphan and never visiting the United States. He called the prosecutor’s comments about him providing a false identity “slander,” reports CNN. However, this had no major impact on the course of the trial. – He identifies himself today as Arthur Knight, but was previously identified by professional doctors and civilians as Nicholas Rossi – said the prosecutor, addressing the court. As he said this, the 36-year-old’s protests could be heard.

According to the prosecutor’s findings, Nicholas Rossi used about 10 different identities in the past. Depending on the personalities used, he was also said to have used an American, British or Irish accent.

Multiple identities

In addition to the current charge, Rossi also faces charges in connection with another sexual assault he allegedly committed in Salt Lake County, Utah. The man has also been convicted of other sex crimes in Ohio in the past.

Police suspect that he may have also committed prohibited sexual acts in other states, including Rhode Island and Massachusetts, CNN describes. The 36-year-old’s next hearing is scheduled for January 26.

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Main photo source: Abaca/PAP/EPA

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