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USA. Actress Kathy Griffin has cancer. He will undergo surgery to remove half of the lung

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American comedy actress and TV presenter Kathy Griffin reported that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The 60-year-old said on social media that she planned to undergo surgery to remove part of her lung.

“I have cancer. I am going to have an operation in which half of my left lung will be removed. Yes, I have cancer, although I have never smoked,” American comedy actress and TV presenter Kathy Griffin wrote on Twitter.


The 60-year-old reported that treating doctors were hopeful as the cancer was detected at an early stage. “Luckily I won’t have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and after surgery, I should breathe normally. I should recover in about a month,” wrote the 60-year-old.

Loss of job after the incident involving Donald Trump

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“I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If I had been unvaccinated, the consequences could have been much more severe,” the actress said. “Have medical examinations on a regular basis. It can save your life” – she added.

Kathy Griffin has been awarded two Emmy Awards – she has been in the shadows since 2017, when she lost her job and advertising contracts after posting a photo on social media with the fake head of then US President Donald Trump.

The US Secret Service launched an investigation into the incident. Ultimately, no legal action was taken against the actress.

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