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USA. Admission of Ukraine to NATO. Appeal of the international delegation before the Alliance summit in Vilnius

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Almost everyone in NATO agrees on Ukraine’s future membership in the alliance, Zygimantas Pavilionis, head of the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Committee, said during a conference in Washington. As he added, “only two leaders are missing: the German chancellor and the American president.”

The heads of the foreign affairs committee demanded on Tuesday during a press conference at the headquarters of the AFP agency that during the summit FOR THIS in Vilnius Ukraine has been given a clear path to Alliance membership. They also published a joint list of committee chairmen from 22 countries (including Poland, Great Britain, GermanFrance and the USA) who supported this postulate.

Protest against the war organized in BerlinPAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

A delegation composed of politicians from Poland, Great Britain, LithuaniaDenmark and Estonia are in Washington, persuading American congressmen, the State Department and think-tanks to support Ukraine’s accession.

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As the chairman of the delegation, head of the foreign affairs committee of the Lithuanian Sejm, Zygimantas Pavilionis, pointed out, in order to implement this postulate, it is necessary first of all to change the minds of two leaders: the US president and the German chancellor.

– President Macron in Bratislava correctly used our words on Ukraine’s membership in NATO. The British Prime Minister said the same thing in Moldova. Only two leaders are missing: the German chancellor and the American president. We represent unity and we hope that these leaders will join our united nations.

Estonia and Denmark on Ukraine’s NATO membership

The chairman of the Estonian foreign affairs committee, Marko Mikhelson, argued that Ukraine’s membership in NATO is by far the cheapest and most effective way to guarantee security, especially in comparison to the currently discussed “Israeli model”, consisting of bilateral guarantees and arming Kiev. He also pointed out that Israel’s security is based, among other things, on the possession of nuclear weapons.

Ukraine has officially joined the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence Twitter/@MFA_Ukraine

Michael Aastrup Jensen, chairman of the foreign policy committee of the Danish parliament (Folketinget), appealed for American leadership. – United States they have been a leader for a long time and we want to keep it that way. We want China and Russia not to decide for the free world. And this is one of the messages we are trying to convey to our American friends during this visit – said the politician.

“We don’t want Americans to wait for another Pearl Harbor”

When asked about the prospects for changing the current conservative approach of Germany and the US to the issue of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, politicians expressed optimism on this matter. Pavilionis argued that both the head of the Bundestag committee, Michael Roth from the SPD, and the opposition from the CDU are in favor of membership for Kiev.

– We have friends on every corner in Germany. Today, all German officials, from the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, admit: “we should have listened to the Balts” – said a politician, former Lithuanian ambassador in Washington.

“We don’t want Americans to wait for another Pearl Harbor. We are trying to convince you (Americans) to make the right decisions. Sometimes we feel like Canadians and Brits in the 1940s asking America for help. We are on the front line, we are your front line, he argued.

At the same time, he argued that the NATO summit in Vilnius must give a signal that the promise of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, made at the 2008 summit in Bucharest, will be fulfilled. “If this promise remains empty, it will only send a signal to Russia that our words are empty,” he added.

Countries for paving the path to Ukraine’s membership in NATO

Optimism was also expressed by Mikhelson, who said that diplomatic discussions were currently underway on the specific wording to be adopted in Vilnius and that he hoped for the clearest possible expression of the path to Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

– It is important that the statement from Vilnius is as strong as possible. Otherwise, it will be a great propaganda victory for Putin, concluded Jensen.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

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