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USA. Aid for Ukraine. Republicans and Democrats – agreement in the Senate

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The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have reached an agreement in the Senate on a bill linking funds for aid to Ukraine with immigration reforms, announced Democratic chief negotiator Chris Murphy. The text is scheduled to be published over the weekend and the vote will take place next week. However, success is not certain due to the possible rejection of the project by the House of Representatives.

Chief Democratic negotiator Chris Murphy reported on the success of the negotiations between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party on the X website.

“Republicans said the border was a priority and we should create bipartisan legislation to control the border. We did it. We have an agreement,” he wrote. He announced that the text of the project would be published over the weekend and that voting on it would take place next week. “The time has come to decide,” he announced.

The fate of the bill is uncertain

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Murphy is the main author of the bill, along with Republican James Lankford and independent senator Kyrsten Sinema. While details are not yet known, it is expected to include more than $105 billion in support funds Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and securing the southern US border, as well as a number of restrictive reforms regarding the rules for applying for asylum. Statements by involved politicians and leaks to the press show that the solutions include tightening the criteria for considering asylum applications and granting the president exceptional powers to suspend the receipt of new applications and expedite the removal of migrants who do not meet the criteria.

Lankford and President Biden assessed that these would be the most restrictive regulations in the history of the country. Nevertheless, the fate of the bill is uncertain, because although changes on the border were originally a condition for Republicans to agree to aid for Ukraine, the party’s politicians in the House of Representatives – led by Speaker Mike Johnson – have repeatedly suggested that they will reject it because it is not going well. far. Johnson also claims that the president does not need additional powers to secure the border. He lobbies vigorously and publicly against the bill Donald Trump. In turn, Democrats and some Republican senators claim that the real reason for the resistance on the part of the right is the pressure from the former president, for whom the border crisis is the main topic of the election campaign.

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Lankford himself assessed that the actual reason is the reluctance of some of his party colleagues to continue supporting Ukraine. For his participation in the negotiations on the bill, the party structures in his state, Oklahoma, gave him a formal reprimand.

The adoption of the new package is necessary United States could continue to support Ukraine. Almost all aid stopped at the end of the year, when the last arms package for Kiev was announced. The White House’s request for additional funds, submitted in October, included approximately $40 billion for military purposes – mainly to replenish resources depleted by the transfer of weapons to Ukraine – and almost $12 billion in financial aid.

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