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USA. An 18-year-old Miami girl wanted to hire a hitman online to murder her 3-year-old son, police say

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Miami police have arrested an 18-year-old who tried to hire a hitman to murder her 3-year-old son. The woman was targeted by investigators because she used a website that she helps prevent such situations.

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An 18-year-old tried to hire a hitman to murder her 3-year-old son, according to a statement from Miami-Dade police. She was arrested by officers on Tuesday and charged with soliciting first-degree murder and using a telecommunications device for unlawful purposes.

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Police: 18-year-old wanted to kill her child

According to police, the intentions of the 18-year-old came to light because she used a website that “offers” similar services to hire a hitman. The site was created as a joke, but as reported by the media, it also prevents such crimes. When she filled out a form on it, placing an “order”, the person running the site contacted the police about this matter, who immediately began to verify the information. CNN, citing investigators, writes that the woman used a false name and, in ordering the murder, asked that her child be taken from her and killed as soon as possible. Thursday was the deadline for completing the task. According to media reports, one of the policemen, using the phone number provided by the 18-year-old, contacted her, claiming to be a hitman, and she confirmed her willingness to kill the child and willingness to pay 3,000 for it. dollars.

Finally, using the computer’s IP address and the woman’s phone number, the police managed to reach the house where the 3-year-old lived with his grandmother, and the woman confirmed the identity of the child and the fact that the number belongs to her daughter. Police said the 18-year-old had moved out of her home in May but had been on the phone with her son every day.

The detainee confessed to the investigators that he wanted to commit the murder. The police statement said that the defendant’s mother testified that her daughter was in a relationship with a person who did not like the fact that she had a son and therefore broke up with her. The 18-year-old allegedly believed that she would be able to resume the relationship by killing the child.

The 18-year-old used a website that is a parody

Robert Innes, the founder of the website that the 18-year-old used to “order” the killer, told People in 2022 that he started it in 2005 with his colleagues. He did it as part of a business school computer science class as a joke.

Over time, reports about hiring a killer began pouring in, and even inquiries from people who wanted to work as a killer. Today, according to Innes, hundreds of “orders” are placed on it every day as a joke, but this from the 18-year-old looked extremely realistic and was very detailed – he described in an interview with NBC6 Miami. The media had already reported that thanks to the entries on the website, it was possible to track down people who had the real intention of ordering the murder.

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