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Friday, December 1, 2023

USA. An F-35 fighter jet was taking place near the base in Charleston. The search for the remains of the machine is ongoing

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The US military is searching for the remains of an F-35 fighter that crashed on Sunday near Charleston, South Carolina. The pilot managed to catapult safely before the plane hit the ground.

The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon near a military base in Charleston, South Carolina. The plane was part of the US Marine Corps attack fighter training squadron.

Based on the last known location of the plane, the military is searching the areas north of the base. This is around lakes Moultrie and Marion. Everything indicates that the accident occurred during a joint flight of two fighters. The army appealed to local residents to cooperate with the military and civilian authorities.

F-35 fighterUS Air Force

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The pilot, who safely ejected from the plane, was taken to hospital and is in stable condition, the base management announced in a post on Facebook.

Investigators have not yet revealed what could have caused the crash.

Main photo source: US Air Force

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