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USA and Israel with one voice. “Outside the jurisdiction of the Court”

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We do not believe this is within the jurisdiction of the ICC and we do not support this investigation – Jean-Pierre said during a Monday briefing at the White House.

She commented this way reports on the Court's preparations to issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Netanyahu and, among others, Defense Minister Joaw Galant.

International Criminal Court investigation into Israel's actions?

According to Axios Netanyahu allegedly told President Biden during a Sunday phone call that fears the ICC will issue a warrant.

The website also quotes American officials, who say that although there is no clear information about the ICC's intentions, the Court's prosecutor is under pressure from non-governmental organizations and some Member States. Neither the US nor Israel are member states of the ICC.

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Netanyahu himself addressed the rumors on Friday, announcing that “Israel will never accept any attempt by the ICC to undermine its right to self-defense“.

Loud opposition from the US

On Monday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson called on President Biden to resist the Court's intentions. As he said, yes ICC actions may 'undermine U.S. national security interests'and the lack of reaction from the White House could expose similar allegations by American politicians, diplomats and soldiers.

– Biden administration must immediately and forcefully demand that the ICC refrain from actionand the US should use all available tools to avoid such an abomination, Johnson said in a statement.

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